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New Horizons For 2016

Hi All,
Just to let everyone know…..
Firstly a massive thank you to Trafford Vets, Village Vets and Briar Dawn Vets for welcoming me and allowing me to work with them this year. It has been amazing, such friendly, professional and supportive staff!!! I will miss you all.
And secondly from January 4th 2016, along with colleagues Alan Humphreys BVSc MRCVS , Craig Tessyman RVN and Amelia Tyrer-Lake, I will be setting up and running a Specialist Exotics Department at Rutland House Referral Hospital in St Helens, Merseyside. The department is already furnished with specialist equipment including state of the art vivaria and hospital cages that will suit the less common species that we treat as well as the many specialist tools that we need to complete our day to day work. In addition we will have the great benefit of having close links with the other dedicated specialist departments within the referral hospital. Out of hours emergencies will be seen on site and can be immediately admitted to the department for stabilisation. Our out of hours colleagues will have direct access to experienced exotics vets should this be required.
We are all really looking forwards to this exciting new venture and value your continued support.

First month has been a success!!

Have had a successful first month at Village Vets, Woolton, Manor Vets Edgbaston and Trafford Vets Manchester. Its been busy but a lot of fun and we have had some interesting and challenging cases. Its been lovely to see so many familiar faces and I really appreciate the support.

I’m now looking forwards to next month with the challenge of combining more locuming, starting at Briar Dawn Vets in Royton and also attending and speaking at London Vet Show at Olympia at the end of the month. The subject will be rabbits of course!

Enjoying New Challenges!!

Weary hedgehog

Weary hedgehog

IMG_2049 IMG_2063 IMG_2101 aspiration pneumonia calcified abdominal abscess 3 End stage ADD massive gas dilation of guts Carlos (4)So one week in to spending time at Village Vets, Trafford Vets and Manor Vets, I can truly day that I’ve been lucky enough to have been welcomed with open arms. Its been a privilege to spend time with friendly, talented people. Looking forwards to much more of this in the future.


This week its also been lovely to see so many familiar faces at the new practices: thank you to everybody for the support 🙂

PS thank you to Heather Pinchien for the use of the images of Carlos, Buddy and Cleo: these rabbits will pop up quite a lot!!